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I know I haven’t been posting much lately and there is a reason for that.  I haven’t been doing much lately (other than growing a baby and raising three busy boys.)  Yesterday though, I got to photography my niece Ansley.  She was quite possibly the perfect client (and not just because she’s related to me and looks a bit like me too).  She smiled when I wanted her to, played when I wanted her to, and didn’t crawl away too fast.  It was nothing like my attempts at photographing my own children which always makes me crazy.  It also helps that I look enough like her mom that she will usually smile at me.

Here is my sweet niece.


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I also got a few shots of my Liam today.  He is 9 months old an I can’t believe it.  Isn’t he handsome?

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I am pleased to introduce you to our newest addition:  William Owen (we’re calling him “Liam”).

Born April 24th, 2009

Weighing 8 lbs 10 oz

Measuring 20 1/2 in

05-06-09-0261Yes, his eyes are still a little yellow.



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I took Gabriel to the eye doctor today and he did great.  He even sat still for the glaucoma test on both eyes (that’s the one with the puff of air).  He was such a trooper.  And doesn’t he just look adorable?  I’ve always thought that little kids in glasses were cute, but it’s even cuter on my kid!

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I’m not even finished going through the pictures yet!

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I am way too excited about these pictures to wait to post them.  Earlier today (I guess it’s technically yesterday now), I went to Ennis, Texas to shoot my cousin Nicole’s Senior Portraits.  I had so much fun with the whole family.  She had scoped out some great places around town.

Here are just a couple of them.  I’ll post more soon!

More to come from the barn, the model A, the ‘vette, and the awesome house.

Thanks Nicole, you rock!

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Yes, it’s my kids again…

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